Documents for Public Comment

From time to time Council seeks your comment on a range of draft documents to help shape the Shire of Corrigin. Ranging from planning and development proposals, draft policies and public consultation on environmental issues.

'Have Your Say' is your opportunity to provide feedback to the Shire of Corrigin on issues which affect the community and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer.

 Shire of Corrigin


     The Shire of Corrigin has resolved to make the following local law:

          Shire of Corrigin War Memorial Swimming Pool Repeal Local Law 2021

The Purpose and Effect is: To repeal the Shire of Corrigin By-laws Relating to the Corrigin War Memorial Swimming Pool.

A copy of the proposed law may be inspected at or obtained from the Shire of Corrigin, 9 Lynch Street, Corrigin between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday via the link here.

Submissions about the proposed law may be made to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Corrigin, 9 Lynch Street, Corrigin WA 6375 by 4.30pm 23 June 2021.

Natalie Manton
Chief Executive Officer


Notice of Public Advertisement of Planning Proposal    



Planning and Development Act 2005

Shire of Corrigin 

The Corrigin Shire Council has resolved to prepare a Heritage List under Local Planning Scheme No.2 to provide for the long term protection and conservation of three (3) places in the Corrigin townsite identified in the Shire of Corrigin Heritage Inventory Review 2018 as being of considerable or exceptional cultural heritage significance. 

A copy of a draft Heritage List prepared pursuant to Council’s resolution in this matter is available for viewing at the Shire Administration Centre or via the link below


Comments on the proposal are now invited and can be emailed to or posted to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer at PO Box 221 CORRIGIN WA 6375.


All submissions must include the following information:

  • Your name, address and contact telephone number;
  • How your interests are affected whether as a private citizen, on behalf of a company or other organisation, or as an owner or occupier of property;
  • Address of property affected (if applicable); and
  • Whether your submission is in support of, or objecting to the proposal and any reasons supporting your comments. 

All submissions received may be made public at a Council meeting and included in a Council Agenda, which will be available on the Shire’s website, unless a submission specifically requests otherwise. 

Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the local government on or before Tuesday 15 June 2021. 

Natalie Manton

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Corrigin

18 May 2021