Published: Thursday, 12 July 2018 at 2:15:33 PM

'image description'What are the changes? 

The Shire of Corrigin advises that GLASS is no longer to be placed in recycling bins. From 1 July 2018 glass should now be placed in your household general waste bin (green one) or alternatively, glass can be dropped off at the Corrigin Waste Transfer Station or emptied into the blue front-lift bins located around town, to then be compacted and taken to the Bendering Landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought that glass was being recycled into other products. Why isn’t this happening?

A: There are some markets for glass but unfortunately the amount of glass being recycled is a lot more than the markets demand. This is especially true in Western Australia, where we have a lack of local markets and major transport costs to take the glass to a market. As such, most glass is taken out of the recycling stream by the materials recovery facilities and sent to landfill. We would love for this situation to change and there become a market to utilise the glass but at this stage there is just too much glass. Initiatives like the container deposit scheme (due to be rolled out in the next two years) will help to change the future for glass and we look forward to seeing what this situation will do for the product.

Q: What will happen to the glass that I put in my household general waste bin?

A: The glass will be emptied by the waste truck, compacted with the other waste and taken to the Bendering Landfill. The compaction will mean that the glass will be partially crushed and this will help reduce the amount of space that it takes up in the landfill.

Q: What will happen to the glass that I put in the large blue front-lift recycling bins?

A: This depends on what Shire you are in. Some Shires will be stockpiling the glass and having it crushed by the glass crusher. This product (which compacts down to a very small volume compared to its original form) will then be used as cover at the Bendering Landfill. The product could also be used for other purposes, and these additional options will be investigated by the Shires in the future. Other Shires will have the blue front-lift bins emptied with the other general waste front-lift bins and this waste will then be compacted and taken to the Bendering Landfill.

The blue front-lift bins can be found at the following locations: Corrigin Waste Transfer Station, Walton Street (next to the cardboard cage), Corrigin School (cnr Kirkwood and Hill), Corrign Hotel, and Corrigin District Club.

Q:  My general waste bin is full every week now. How am I going to fit all this extra glass into it?

A: We are hopeful that by maximising the amount of other items that can be recycled in the yellow-topped bin and perhaps undertaking some other forms of waste recycling (like composting) that residents will find the extra glass fits in the existing bins. Should you find that this isn’t working, you may want to contact the Shire to discuss getting an extra service (but there would be a cost to this). The best option is to collect your glass separately and take it to the blue front-lift bins for collection. 

Q:  What actually can go in my yellow-topped bin then?

A:  We have provided an illustration of what can go into the yellow-topped bin over the page. This shows exactly what can be put in the recycling bin, but basically it is all cardboard boxes and cartons (make sure they are flattened to save on space), liquid paperboard cartons (like juice and milk cartons), all steel and aluminium cans (washed would be great), all newspaper and print magazines and plastic containers with numbers 1 through 7. Please note that although the materials recovery facilities previously took all plastic items, they do not take light gauge plastic film and plastic (like bread bags and lolly wrappers) so these cannot be put in the yellow-topped bins. 

Q: I heard that the contents of my yellow-topped recycling just goes to landfill anyway. Is this true?

A:  No – this is absolutely not true. Avon Waste makes two collections, one for general waste which goes to the landfill and a second collection of the yellow-topped recycling bins that takes the recycling back to our out-loading facility in York. From here we load the recycling into a compacting trailer and take it to the SMRC materials recovery facility in Canningvale. Avon Waste takes its commitment to recycling and our Shires very seriously. Please contact Avon Waste is you would like to arrange tours of these facilities.

Want to know more?

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