Published: Thursday, 15 November 2018 at 12:51:20 PM

Congratulations Greg Tomlinson for 35 years of service with the Shire of Corrigin

Wednesday 31st October 2018, marked 35 years of loyal service that our Manager of Works, Greg Tomlinson (affectionately known as Tomo), has been working for the Shire of Corrigin.

Greg started work at the Shire in 1983, originally employed as a Dozer Operator. Over the years he has worked in many positions and areas within the organisation, being town maintenance, maintenance grading, grader operator, leading hand and now in his current position as Manager of Works.

Through his time on the Shire, Greg has worked with six Shire Clerk’s and CEO’s, John Hale, Ian Davies, Bruce Mead, Julian Murphy, Rob Paull and Natalie Manton.

When asked about working for the Shire, Greg said, "the best day on the job is when everything goes to plan without any incidents and the part of his job with the most job satisfaction, was constructing roads".

Greg plans to work for the Shire for another couple of years, before retiring to Eaton in the south west.

Council and staff congratulate Greg on achieving this anniversary with us. We know he has worked hard for this accomplishment and we truly appreciate his dedication.


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