Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan outlines community long term (10+ years) vision, values, aspirations and priorities, with reference to other local government plans, information and resourcing capabilities. The Strategic Community Plan is not static. A full review is required every four years with a desktop review every two years.

Shire of Corrigin Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031


Corporate Business Plan

Corporate Business Plan is a rolling four year plan which identifies the services, activities and projects and their resourcing requirements to deliver on the strategies and outcomes of the Strategic Community Plan.

Shire of Corrigin Corporate Business Plan 2021/22 - 2024/25


Annual Budget

The Annual Budget outlines all of Council’s planned spending for the Financial Year. It includes expected income and expenditure for all planned services and infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance and depreciation commitments. Year one (1) of the Corporate Business Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan establishes the basis for the Annual Budget.

Shire of Corrigin Annual Budget 2021/2022