Elected Members of Council

The Shire of Corrigin is represented by 7 Councillors.

Elected Council Members Information
President Des Hickey

PO Box 13
Corrigin 6375
P: 08 9063 2455
F: 08 9063 2466

Term Expiry: 2021

Deputy President Michael Weguelin

Corrigin 6375

P: 0400 190 221

Term Expiry: 2023

Councillor Matthew Dickinson

12 Spanney St
Corrigin 6375
P: 0428 632 013
F: 08 9063 2189

Term Expiry: 2021

Cr Matthew Dickinson
Councillor Rick Gilmore

13 Walton St

Corrigin 6375

P: 0427 481 104

Term Expiry: 2021

Cr Rick Gilmore
Councillor Janeane Mason

32 Janes Drive
Corrigin 6375
P: 0417 095 804
Term Expiry: 2021


Councillor  Sharon Jacobs

PO Box 37

Corrigin 6375

P: 0439 988 029

Term Expiry: 2023

Councillor  Scott Coppen

PO Box 281

Corrigin 6375

P: 0439 958 399

Term Expiry: 2023

Elected Members Training

Pursuant to Section 5.127 of the Local Government Act 1995:

(1) A local government must prepare a report for each financial year on the training completed by council members in the financial year.

(2) The CEO must publish the report on the local government’s official website within 1 month after the end of the financial year to which the report relates.

Annual Report of Training conducted by Elected Members

Council Policy Manual

The Policy Manual is the compiled decisions of Council to the CEO and other officers, detailing how specific matters are to be administered, the standards to apply etc.

Policy Manual (coming soon)

The Local Government Act requires the development of only a few policies, otherwise all policies are at Council’s sole discretion.

Policies of a local government required by the Local Government Act 1995 include: