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Alzheimer’s expert Professor Ralph Martins AO,

presents to the Corrigin community

Strengthening our community now to grow and prosper into the future

w w w . c o r r i g i n . w a . g o v . a u

Corrigin was indeed blessed with the appointment

of Professor Ralph Martins (‘call me Ralph’)

as Corrigin’s Australia Day 2017 Ambassador. All

those who attended the Australia Day breakfast

would have heard a heartfelt expression of Ralph’s

love for Australia and thankfulness of the

opportunities his adopted country has provided him

and his family.

Ralph’s commitment to Corrigin as Ambassador

went beyond the Australia Day ceremony, when he

offered to meet with the community to discuss his

area of expertise, aging and the impact of

Alzheimer’s disease on individuals, families and

their community. So on a sweltering Australia Day

afternoon, over 60 people packed the Senior

Citizens hall to hear Ralph’s presentation. Ralph

spoke and explained in a manner that the average

person could understand, about the affect the

pioneering discovery he and his colleagues had

made about an ‘amyloid protein’ found in the brains

of Alzheimer’s patients. He spoke about the

importance of diet and exercise (both physical and

mental) we all should be doing to limit the risk and

the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. He also gave

hope of ultimately there being a cure.

As a measure of his commitment to his research

and new found affection for Corrigin, Ralph finished

his presentation by offering to return at a later date

with his colleagues to test community members

who may think they have or consider are

susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease. Once the

presentation was over, Ralph stayed around and

mingled with those who attended. In response to

his invitation to return to Corrigin, over 40 people

gave their names and expressed an interest in

being part of Ralph’s study.

If you gave your name to Lyn Baker at

Thursday’s presentation, please call her on

0427 097 141 or email

with your contact details, so that they can be

passed on to Professor Martins.

Professor Ralph Martins presenting to community members at the Corrigin Senior Citizens’ Centre