VoteUnder the Local Government Act 1995, Council is required to hold elections on the third Saturday in October every two years. The next Local Government Elections for the Shire of Corrigin will be held in October 2017.


The Shire of Corrigin has seven (7) Councillors with three (3) or four (4) ordinary vacancies alternating every (2) years.

Enrolling to Vote

You may be eligible to vote in in-person local government elections if you live in or are an owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Corrigin.


You are automatically enrolled if you are on the state Electoral Roll. Enrollment forms are available from the local Post Office or Electoral Commission Offices.

Non-Resident Owners and Occupiers

If you are a non-resident owner or occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Corrigin, you are eligible to enrol to vote and should make an application directly to the Shire of Corrigin. Enrolment forms are available from the Shire Office.

Nominating for Council

To be eligible to run for Council you must be:

  • 18 years or older; and
  • An elector of the district


Council Elections were held on Saturday 17 October 2015.

Councillors elected in 2015 were Lyn Baker, Shannon Hardingham and Brian Praetz.