Western Australia Bicycle Network Grant Funded Projects

Published on Friday, 15 October 2021 at 4:20:07 PM

The Shire of Corrigin has received funding from the Department of Transport’s Western Australian Bicycle Network Grants Program to provide a safe and sustainable cycling network in Corrigin.

Two projects have been approved for funding…

Project 1 – Construction of a shared pathway from Kunjin Street through Rotary Park to the corner of Lunch St and Larke Crescent. The portion through Rotary Park will be combined into the park’s redevelopment. This project will involve the removal of a few existing trees; however, they will be replaced with more suitable species of street trees in areas that will not affect the pathway or other infrastructure.

Project 2 – The development of a new Corrigin Bike Plan 2021-2031. This will provide a planning document that will assist the Shire in assessing priority areas for shared pathways throughout the Shire and combined with the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan will assist in attracting funding towards the upgrade of the Shire’s shared pathway network. The project will involve extensive community consultation over the next 6 months.

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