Published on Wednesday, 2 June 2021 at 9:51:00 AM


As part of the 2020-2021 Drought Communities Programme, Shire of Corrigin was granted $1 million to boost the economic and tourism sector of Corrigin. Upgrading Rotary Park was important to create a link between the Kunjin Street and Campbell street through a unique park and play space and upgrade existing ageing facilities therefore $500,000 has been budgeted for phase 1 of the upgrade. The concept includes aspects of the park which will be upgraded in future years.  The below link shows the design that has been created by Nature Play Solutions as our initial concept for the park. 


  • Playground Redevelopment - integrating interesting, unique and engaging natural play spaces, experiences and equipment for all ages from toddlers through to older children and people with disabilities.
  • New Toilet Block - incorporating unique or original design concepts.
  • Parkland and Gardens – water wise park and garden areas showcasing local species and wildflowers.
  • Parking - easy and convenient access for visitors and tourists including groups, large vehicles and buses.
  • Amenities - including seating, tables, shade areas, water fountain and BBQ facilities
  • Paths - shared pathways suitable for bikes, prams and walking that integrate the park facilities and also provide a connection to the main street and town centre.
  • Tourist Information Signage - promoting local business and attractions in a more attractive format and in a highly visible location.
  • Integration with Historical Museum - greater connection or integration to the Corrigin Historical Museum
  • Future Considerations - outdoor exercise equipment, arts and cultural activities, tourism events.

Please click the below link to view the fly-through of the park concept and feel free to leave comments, submitted via email to or call 90632203. 

Concept Plan Rotary Park

Description of image

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