Corrigin OIL MUSTER Collection

Published: Thursday, 30 August 2018 at 3:29:29 PM


The Shire is organising an “Oil Muster” in conjunction with Wren Oil, for the collection of used engine oil from farms in the Shire of Corrigin. If you have large quantities of used engine oil accumulating on your property the oil pick-up will be on farm and FREE of charge through Wren Oil.

Those who would like their used engine oil to be picked up from their farm need to complete the Farm Site Details Form available from the Shire office. Completed forms must be received via drop-off, mail or email by the Friday 14th September 2018. The oil pick-up date will be confirmed via email, once Wren Oil has processed the Farm Site Details Forms and locked in a collection date.

Please ensure your oil storage is not contaminated with water or hydraulic oil as Wren Oil will not accept it, or you will be charged for it.

The Shire of Corrigin’s Waste Management Facility will not be accepting any bulk used oil from the end of September 2018. There will only be domestic quantities accepted at the facility. All large quantities of used oil from commercial businesses can be picked up direct from the premises it is stored on, by Wren Oil – 

Please contact Wren Oil directly after September 2018 on 9725 4002 for this oil collection service.

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