Shire of Corrigin ROADS UPDATE 

Posted on: Monday, 6 March 2017 at 8:04:12 AM

The State Government has advised that WANDRRA (WA Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements) has been activated for the recent rain event. The Shire is currently assessing roads with a view to a possible claim for funding for those that have sustained significant flood damage. 

Reports of damage or any concerns on the Shire’s road network should continue to be reported to the Shire Office on 9063 2203 or in an emergency to Greg (Tomo) Tomlinson 0429 632 203 or Rob Paull on 0427 427 527.

However, due to the recent rain event, the following roads in the Shire of Corrigin are required to be closed due to them being unsafe: • Lohoar Road which is closed from Quairading Road; and • Copestakes Road.

The Shire will be working to open these roads as soon as possible but there is considerable damage.

Please note that the Shire of Quairading has advised that the Bulyee-Quairading Road is closed in that Shire due to a washout close to the Shire boundary.

All other roads in the Shire of Corrigin are open.


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